Wednesday, 26 November 2008

'I'm as raw as pickin' cotton with your bare hands...'

Two Roc-related videos in a week? If anyone senses a pattern beginning to develop, they're probably on the right track. Anyway, this is fucking proper. It's easy to find yourself an argument regarding what is or isn't real hip-hop on the internet, and I'm not about to start another one, but this ticks all the boxes for me. Although the features emcees are Philly's own Freeway and Brother Ali of the Minnesota-based Rhymesayers crew, "The Truth" is actually taken from "White Van Music", the debut album by highly-regarded Seattle beatsmith and DJ Jake One. Jake has been, as they say, making Real World Moves for a minute, and this album features yer actual Who's Who from both the mainstream and underground spheres of rap music; MOP, Busta Rhymes, Young Buck, Prodigy, MF Doom, Little Brother, Pos from De La, etc., etc. It's also one of the strongest and most consistent rap albums of a year that hasn't seen too many strong or consistent rap albums. You can buy it here if this scratches whatever itch you might have in this regard. I don't know if I want to add further fuel to the rumours that Jake may be doing an entire album with Freeway, so I won't. But I wouldn't mind some more of this.

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