Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Brazil, Nuts.

It used to be that, as far as Brazilian music was concerned, my familiarity didn't extend a great deal further than Sergio Mendes, "The Girl From Ipanema", the handful of Jobim tunes everybody knows, the correct pronunciation of "batucada" and who Bebel Gilberto's dad was. Thanks mainly to guidance and suggestions from numerous friends, or DJs like Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge and Jez Nelson, and Soul Jazz's superb "Tropicalia" compilations, but particularly to the sterling work of the good people who maintain blogs and websites such as Loronix, Um Que Tenha, Brazilian Nuggets and Sabadabada, this is no longer the case. I now know a bit more about the differences between MPB, Tropicalismo and Jovem Guarda (or even that there is a difference), or that the Roberto Carlos who played full-back for Real Madrid isn't the only famous Roberto Carlos to have come out of Brazil in my lifetime. I can even tell you which track from the first O Terco album was sampled in Madvillain's "Untitled". Oh, well done, I hear you say. Bully for you. We're supposed to be impressed by this why, exactly? Well, you're not, not really. But you might be impressed by DJ Nuts. Nuts is a native of Sao Paulo, has been a key player on the city's hip-hop scene since the early 1990s, and is considered to be the leading turntablist in the country. In short, this fella is pretty much the Brazilian equivalent of someone like J-Rocc or Babu, with skills to match. Except that he also has an ace or two up his sleeve, the nature of which may become apparent from this clip.

Now, while I was busy acting all pleased with myself a paragraph ago, I neglected to mention that I hadn't even heard of DJ Nuts until a few months ago, much less heard any of his astonishing mix CDs. Then I discovered that Nuts can haz blog, whereupon he'd posted half a dozen of the bleeders. However, he'd chosen to host them on Zshare, which used to be a reliable enough host, but has become increasingly shonky in recent months, so unfortunately you can't download them from there until Nuts fixes the links. However, thanks to the efforts of another Sao Paulisto who posts on the Soul Strut messageboard under the handle MoogMan, I can now share a few of them with you, and trust me, you've never heard Brazilian music played like this. Being that Nuts is essentially a hip-hop DJ, he plays the music of his home country just as you'd expect a hip-hop DJ to play it - Disco e Cultura Vol. 2, for example, features sixty-three tracks - and the breaks-heavy, ADD, quick-mixing style he often utilises, particularly on 2004's face-melting Cultura Copia, may not be for everyone. Similarly, if you download any of them in the expectation of an hours-worth of variations on "Mas Que Nada", you might be disappointed. But if you can set those considerations to one side, then not only are these mixes great fun, but they also feature plenty of fabulous and often quite beautiful music.

Cultura Copia comes partially tagged, with a full tracklisting in the zip file, but Disco e Cultura Vols 1 & 2 (both 2005) are untagged, and 2006's Disco e Cultura Vol. 3 (which is chocka with classic Brazilian dancefloor jazz) is just one big file, so please be aware of this when opening them in iTunes or wherever. All come with gorgeous artwork, should you want to burn them to CD. If I happen upon full tracklistings for any or all of the Disco e Cultura volumes, I'll post an update as soon as. In the meantime, get stuck in.

DJ Nuts: Cultura Copia (2004) - 105mb

DJ Nuts: Disco e Cultura Vol. 1 (2005) - 142mb

DJ Nuts: Disco e Cultura Vol. 2 (2005) - 142mb

DJ Nuts: Disco e Cultura Vol. 3 (2006) - 171mb


Jolyon said...

Try Moonboots Luna Brasil mixes for size:

Paul said...

Cheers, Jo - I'll do that. Congrats on being the provider of my first comment, btw!

coolaid said...

there are some tracklists lurking around online for nuts' mixes embalo jovem & disco e cultura volume 1, they're incomplete but its a start:

Embalo Jovem:
Intro- DJ Nuts Esta em Casa
1. Marku Ribas- Zamba Bem
2. Os Originais Do Samba- Falador Passa Mal
3. Zito Righi- Poema Ritmo Do Malandro
4. Noreil Vileda- 16 Toneladas
5. Paul McCartney - Check My Machine
6. Quincy Jones- Soul Bossa Nova
7. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Captain Bacardi
8. Elizabeth Cardoso- Eu Bebo Sim
9. Baiano E Os Novos Caetanos- Vo Bate Pa Tu
10. ?
11 ? (electro reggae version of i shot the sheriff)
12. ?
13. Jorge Ben & Maria Bethania - Mano Caetano
14. Gilberto Gil – Maracatu Atomico
15. Orlandivo- Um Abranco No Bengil
16. Jorge Ben- Mas Que Nada
17. Sivuca- Aint No Sunshine
18. Astrud Gilberto – Canto De Ossanha
19. ? (bossa jazz track- femme vocal)
20. De Savoya Combo- Mahna Mahna
21. Ed Lincoln- Se Voce Quiser
22. ?- Garota De Ipanema Cover
23. Silvery Boys - Voce balança meu coração
24. Abilio Manoel- Luiza Manequim
25. Trio Ternura- Pena Verde
26. ? (rita luar)
27. Os Incriveis- Uma Rosa Pra Dita
28. Lemos & Debétio - Morro do barraco sem agua
29. Helio Matheus- Mais Kriola
30. Jose Roberto - Crioula multicolorida
31. Arnaud Rodrigues - Nega
32. Bebeto- A Beleza E Voce Menina
33. Gal Costa- Que Pena (Instrumental)
34. ?
35. Doris Monteiro - Meu guarda chuva
36. ? - Arrependimento
37. Claudete Soares - O cravo brigou com a rosa
38. Os Brazoes - Carolina Carol Bela
39. Toquinho - Zana
40. Wanderlea – Mane Joao
41. ?
42. Rubinho E Mauro Assumpcao- Os Olhos
43. Wilson Simonal – Brasil Eu Fico
44. ?
45. ? (cheesy herp albert sounding track)

Disco E Cultura Vol.1:
wilson das neves - joranda
azimuth – falcon love call (with mamao conti overdub)
? song for my father
? (on my way to find myself again, I have come a long long way from home to see- cunninlynguists missing children sample)
? (same with male voice as 5, maybe same track)
? (also on eric coleman dirty disco)
berimbau ? (with vinicius de moraes overdub)
Wilson simonal – a tonga da mironga do kabulete
Grupo Arembepe - Rosa Mulher
avan samba – ibere
joao donato – cala boca menino
? (sounds like a deodato track)
Emilio Santiago - bananeira
joao donato– bananeira
luiz eca – reflexos
? – tema de swat
os tremendoes – nome de jogo
brazilian octopus – gamboa
Antonio adolfo e a brazuca – transamazonica
os brazoes – tao longe de mim
gal costa – vou recomecar
karma – voce pode ir alem
o terco – adormeceu
erasmo carlos – e preciso dar um jeito meu amigo
Jorge ben – porque e proibido pisar na grama
o terco – longe sem direcao
Arthur verocai – pelas sombras
maximas de novella – cica cecilla
anamaria e Mauricio – le le le
mpb 4 – quem vem de la
quarteto em cy – tudo que voce podia ser
Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges – tudo que voce podia ser
Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges – trem de doido
Lo Borges – Calibre
? (not egberto gismonti- duet man & woman)- o sonho
egberto gismonti – luzes da ribalta (with paul humphrey drumming overdub)
quarteto novo –misturada
sivuca – aint no sunshine
stan getz – saudade vem correndo
? (azimuth production?)
? – baby (big band orchestra version)