Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Enter the scene, DJ Supreme...

No, it's not a post about Hijack.

DJ Mr. Supreme a/k/a DJ Supreme La Rock has been a big wheel on the Northwest Pacific DJ/record digging scene for a good while now. I wish I'd been able to find a picture of him showing off his legendarily deep collection, said to number between 60,000 - 75,000 pieces's worth of A-list swag, but record nerds worldwide will be able to tell from the ringwear that it's an original copy of the rarer-than-hen's-teeth "East Of Underground" that he's flossing in the accompanying photo.

Anyway, Supreme's CV is pretty impressive; globetrotting club DJ, founder of Conception Records, one-half of the Sharpshooters, co-creator (along with his Seattle homeboy Jake One) of the much sought-after Conmen series of mixtapes, and perhaps most impressive of all, contributor to the soundtrack for The Wire. He was also the presenter of the Soul, Style and Truth internet radio show on the now-defunct Groovetech site. He's made available an mp3 of one of those shows, along with permission to share it far and wide if anyone's so inclined (and I am). I've no idea of the date, and I only recognise a handful of the tunes, but it's all top-quality 80s dancefloor soul/boogie/gospel. Dig out your Bally slip-ons, yer Farahs and yer Gabicci v-necks and get your Kashif on.

DJ Mr. Supreme: Soul, Style & Truth radio show (boogie edition)


FunkyEarWax said...


If you want to get a piece of the East of Underground action, check out Wax Poetics.

Keep up the great work on this site!

kenneth said...

Oh shnap. Hoopla in the house.

Did you ever check out Da Grassroots' "Passage Through Time" ? Supreme I believe did some beats and executive produced that one. A slept on indie hiphop classic.

(Love them dynamic Youtube clips featuring a static album cover.)

Btw, nice blog, broseph!